All wings report in! This episode: Chapters 17-20 of X-wing: Rogue Squadron.

Fresh on the heels of surgery, travel, Halloween, and our first character death, the podron is feeling a lot of emotions this week. We discuss whether we hope to see an opening crawl in Rogue One, our ever-increasing love of Wedge Antilles, law puns, mourn the loss of our first Rogue Squadron pilot, and more!

Listener Question of the Week: If you were best pilot, what chores would you have the worst pilot do? Tweet your answers to @roguepodron or send your stories to

Hosted by Meg (show notes), Danny (editor), Saf (social media extraordinaire), and Heath (artwork and social media).

NEXT WEEK: We will be discussing chapters 21-25 of X-wing Rogue Squadron.

Not Saf For Work · Rogue Podron Mission 6: Sassy Wedge Salad

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