To Rogue Squadron. To the friends we’ve lost, the battles we’ve fought, and the utter fear our return will bring to our enemies.

Gather around the strategy table as we recap our adventures through Book 1, X-wing Rogue Squadron, with our special guests Nanci and Brian. This week, we run down the Rogue Squadron roster, sharing thoughts on the pilots, crew, and Imperials, and answer some discussion questions, including a lot of fancasting!

Link to the ryshcate recipe Nanci references:

Hosted by Meg (show notes), Danny (editor), Saf (social media extraordinaire), and Heath (artwork and social media) with Nanci and Brian from Tosche Station.

We will be back in January, 2016 to begin discussing book 2, Wedge’s Gamble. Until then, Happy TFA and Happy New Year from your friends at Rogue Podron!

Not Saf For Work · Rogue Podron Mission 10: State of the Squadron 1

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