All wings report in! Join us for another week of giggles and … well, just a lot of giggles! This episode: X-wing: Wedge’s Gamble Chapters 22-26.

This week on Rogue Podron, we discuss our hopes for the Poe Dameron comic, and then pretty much just talk about trashy romance for the entire hour in true Rogue Podron fasion!

Listener Question of the Week: Describe a month in the Rogue Squadron Swimsuit Pinup Calendar. Bonus points for images. Tweet your answers to @roguepodron or send your stories to roguepod@farfarawayradio.com.

Website: http://roguepodron.tumblr.com

Hosted by Meg (shownoter), Danny (editor), Saf (tweeter), and Heath (photoshopper and tumblrer).

NEXT WEEK:  X-wing: Wedge’s Gamble, chapters 27-32.

Not Saf For Work · Rogue Podron Mission 2 – 7: Rated R for Excessive Napping

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