All wings report in! Join us for another week of giggles and dramatic readings! This episode: X-wing: Wedge’s Gamble Chapters 27-32.

This week on Rogue Podron, we discuss why we don’t need to be concerned about the Rogue One marketing, whatever became of Cray Cray Krey-fey, why Fliry Virru is terrifyingly wonderful, an epic chapter reading, and more!

Listener Question of the Week: Who is more infuriating – Corran Horn or Kirtan Loor? Tweet your answers to @roguepodron or send your stories to roguepod@farfarawayradio.com.

Website: http://roguepodron.tumblr.com

One of our great listeneres wrote a FANFIC inspired by our ramblings!! Check it out: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6207184

Hosted by Meg (shownoter), Danny (editor), Saf (tweeter), and Heath (photoshopper and tumblrer).

NEXT WEEK:  X-wing: Wedge’s Gamble, chapters 33-37.

Not Saf For Work · Rogue Podron Mission 2 – 8: Dr. Corran’s Love Center Now Accepting New Clients

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