All wings report in! This episode: The Bacta War, chapters 7-12.

This week on Rogue Podron, we have a very hard time staying focused! Before we discuss The Bacta War, we talk a little bit about our latest and greatest Rey’s parentage theory, and even mention Jyn Erso’s newly cast mom. Then, we talk about how Gavin’s family is basically Country Bear Jamboree, what kind of babysitter Corran would be, our latest conspiracy theory regarding Huff Darklighter, more Tycho feels and so much more!

Listener Question of the Week: What are some rumors that Booster could spread about the “restricted section” on his trade station?

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Hosted by Meg, Danny, Saf, and Heath.

NEXT WEEK:  X-wing: The Bacta War, chapters 13-18.

Not Saf For Work · Rogue Podron Mission 4 – 2: Jabba the Huff Darklighter and the Country Tatooine Jamboree

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