All wings report in! This episode: The Bacta War, chapters 37-THE END.

This week on Rogue Podron, we begin by quickly giving our thoughts on Catalyst so far. Then, we conclude our discussion of X-wing: The Bacta War, discussing chapters 37-42, including lots and lots of space battles, Drysso’s complete ignorance of history, Isard’s horcrux, and so much more.

Listener Question of the Week: Describe Corran’s dream wedding.

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Website: http://roguepodron.tumblr.com

Hosted by Meg, Danny, Saf, and Heath.

Next week:  X-wing: The Bacta War, State of the Squadron with Nanci and Brian

Not Saf For Work · Rogue Podron Mission 4 – 7: Rub-a-dub-dub, Ackbar in a tub

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