All wings report in! This episode: The Courtship of Princess Leia: chapters 22-THE END!

In this episode, we have some excellent pitches for animated tv series (call us Lucasfilm). Then, it’s the end of Courtship. Who will kiss? Who will get married? Who will get shoved into a closet and miss the entire wedding? Join us as we discover the answers to these pressing questions AND MORE!

This week’s question: Tell us something about Aldereenian culture?

Contact Us: Tweet us @roguepodron or e-mail us at roguepodron@gmail.com.

Website: http://roguepodron.tumblr.com

Hosted by MegDannySaf, and Heath.

Not Saf For Work · Rogue Podron Mission 9 – 6: My Other Ride is a Rancor

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