I’m pretty thrilled about the fact that both Star Wars canon and now select Legends titles are being published in the trade paperback format. Here are the reasons why I think you should join me in enthusiastically embracing the Star Wars Publishing Trade Paperback Revolution!

Mass Market Paperbacks: small print, hard to read without creasing the spine, easily ripped

Hardcovers: just so big, heavy, hard to read comfortably without additional support

Trade Paperbacks: Not too big, not too small, can open wide without creasing the spine, look great on the bookshelf, easily transportable

Also, who doesn’t love seeing that sweet, sweet consistency on the bookshelf?

I rest my case.

The second wave of the Star Wars: Legends, Essential Collection titles went on sale today. This release included X-wing: Rogue Squadron, the subject of our very first season of Rogue Podron! A full production, unabridged audiobook is on sale as well. Check them out and be sure to tweet at us as you binge your way through the podcast!

(Thanks to Del Rey for sending the Essential Legends books for me to review, like, three months ago. Sorry, I just got them, I was at summer camp.)

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