Rogue Podron Mission 21-3: The Ballad of King C-3P0

Join Rogue Podron (still minus Danny) for an equally lubricated night at the blob races, a bedtime story with our new favorite nanny, and an unfortunate amount of spider legs. It’s time for weirdness that is Jedi Search: Chapters 9-11.

This Week’s Glistener Question: What would be the worst place to run into a Teletubby?

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Hosted by Meg, (not Danny), SafHeath, and Ash.

Rogue Podron Mission 13 – 2: Getting Existential in the Underbelly of the Bean


Part 1 of 2! This week, we begin recounting our grand Chicago adventure, which found us exploring the Bean, Panera, Shedd Aquarium, presenting a podcast stage live episode (you might have heard it last week), and watching Big Boiz panels about Episode IX, the Mandalorian, and the Phantom Menace.

This week’s glistener question: Whose laugh do you want to hear at the end of the next episode IX trailer and why are they laughing?

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Hosted by MegDannySaf, and Heath.

Classic Rogue Pod: Where to Find Old Episodes

rogue-podron-1For the first three years of its existence, Rogue Podron was a Star Wars: Legends bookclub. Together, we read through 9 x-wing books, plus the Courtship of Princess Leia and I, Jedi (well, some of us read that one anyway).

Want to listen to any of our old book-club episodes? Here’s where you can find them:

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