The Rogue Podron canon can be confusing the navigate. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive list of Rogue Podron seasons and special episodes to help you figure out where to begin your zany journey with the pod. This won’t make it any less confusing, but there are some nice links you can click on.


Rogue Podron Season List


For the most part, our seasons are loosely based around a specific novel that we “discuss” chapter-by-chapter. Below is each season of Rogue Podron thus far, and the book that season is centered around.

Live Shows


We love to record shows live in front of an audience. We’ve done this twice at Star Wars Celebration (and twice virtually) and look forward to more live shows in the future. Our live shows are as follows:

Film Commentary Tracks

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We have recorded a number of commentary tracks to accompany your viewing of many Star Wars (and “Star Wars”) movies, typically accompanied by some of our favorite special guest stars.

Other Episodes of Note

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  • Mission 4-5: That’s So Bodhi! Wondering why we award glistening Bodhi’s each episode? The origin of this prestigious award is hidden in the middle of our fourth season.
  • Panera Podron: Our love of Panera manifested in this April Fool’s Day episode, complete with a dramatic reading of the Panera menu.
  • Bracket Podron: Along with guests Nanci and Brian, we definitively determine who the best Star Wars starfigher pilot is, once and for all.
  • Mission 11-1: You Will Always Be My Boo: Sometimes a prank episode ends up becoming reality. The opening segment of this episode foreshadowed the entirety of season 15.
  • Mission 11-6: Rogue Pod-done?: Our fake finale, in which we wrapped up our read of the x-wing series and figured out what to do next.
  • Rogue Podron Mission 100! Our 100th episodes was a clip show (because of course), reliving the origins of our favorite inside jokes and just generally being extremely self-indulgent.
  • Mission 14-5: Rotten Baby Podron: Our very own Rogue 3 (Heath), went on leave when Rogue Baby (Teddy) was born. To send him off, we threw an impromptu baby shower, while simultaneously hazing new host, Rogue 9 (Ash).
  • Mission 14-9: FFARRATROSSS: On the eve of the release of The Rise of Skywalker, we joined some of our Far Far Away Radio pals to relive our favorite memories from the sequel trilogy.
  • The RogueHopper Holiday Crossover Special: To wrap up the year that was 2020, we joined with our friends at the Skyhoppers Podcast to share in a holiday special, including skits, carols, and a lot of holiday cheer.
  • Mission 20-11: Head-tail Etiquette with Alexander Freed: Somehow, an actual Star Wars author came on our podcast. We had a great conversation and hope he wasn’t significantly scarred by the experience.
  • The Podralorian: Playing Gay Chicken with Lucasfilm with Emma Mieko Candon: And then it happened again! Ronin author Emma Mieko Candon joined us on the Podralorian to discuss Japanese influence, queer representation, and so much more!

Host Picks

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Each Rogue Podron host was asked to pick their three favorite episodes without thinking too hard about it. These will probably serve as terrible starting points for new fans. Enjoy!

Rogue Leader (Meg)

Rogue 3 (Heath)

Rogue 6 (Danny)

Rogue 7 (Saf)

Rogue 9 (Ash)