Rogue Podron Mission 13-3: If You Like It Then You Shoulda Slapped A Wig On It

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Part 2 of 2! This week, we conclude recounting our grand Chicago adventure, which found us attending Slightly Smaller Big Boiz panels like Clone Wars and Resistance, seeing our favorite celebrities on the Star Wars Show stage, not attending any publishing panels, and Christmas caroling?

This week’s glistener question: Which character do you want George Lucas to slap a wig on and call a new name for The Rise of Skywalker?

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Rogue Podron: Now on Patreon!

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Pew pew! Hey, it’s us! Your favorite podron! You know who we are. (Oh, but if you don’t, you can read all about us here:

For over 100 episodes, we have created a podcast that has been described as “literally the greatest thing ever” (Humphrey, M., 2019), “the trash compacter from Star Wars, but it’s a podcast” (Pirtle, D., 2019), “Neiiiiiiiiigh,” (Saf, Saf, 2019), and “I’ve never heard of it,” (Williams, H., 2019).

The highlight of making this podcast, for all of us, has been the community of listeners we have created and the regular interactions through responses to our episodes. You are all our family now.

This year, we were honored to be invited to present a live show on the podcast stage at Star Wars Celebration Chicago. Recording this episode, seeing all of your faces, and meeting, talking, and hanging out with so many of you before and afterwards was an amazing experience. And we want to be able to do it again.

But traveling is expensive! So, we’ve decided that we are going to ask for your help. Our goal is to be able to get together, live and in person, at least once a year. Maybe this will be at future Celebrations, maybe at other conventions, or maybe just at one of our homes.

So we’ve created a patreon:

100% of the money raised from patreon will be used to make it possible for us to get together once a year in person. Flights, accommodations, con badges, etc., are all expenses we will put the money towards.

And in return, we think we’ve come up with some fun, unique benefits to say THANK YOU for helping us achieve this dream. If you’re not able to contribute, it’s no sweat! Our episodes will always be available to everyone, no matter what. Either way, thanks for being a part of the Rogue Podron family!

Pew pew! Pash out!