Rogue Podron Mission 14-0: Revenge of the Sith Commentary with the Skyhoppers (aka Floss Mas)

We gathered once again with our pals from Skyhoppers to watch a Star War. This time, episode THREE (otherwise knows as three eyes): Revenge of the Sith! What would droids look like with skin? What is actually happening during a Mon Cala opera? Which members of the podcast actually make it through the whole commentary track without falling asleep? (You know exactly who). LISTEN TO FIND OUT!

This week’s glistener question: (Same as last time) Is Yaddle’s species a mammal or a reptile? Show your work.

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Hosted by MegDannySaf, and Heath. With special guests Byn and Ash from Skyhoppers Podcast.

Rogue Podron Mission 13-6: Pika-pew pew pew!

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 10.06.22 AM

This week, on our Star Wars podcast, we decided to talk about Pokémon. Because why not. But first, we get real about the upcoming Benioff & Weiss directed Star Wars movie and whether its mere existence fills us with enough rage to boycott it (spoiler alert: it doesn’t). Then, Meg, Saf, and Heath, give Danny an introduction to Pokémon, by overviewing the different types (with appropriate Star Wars creature comparisons, of course) and speculating what Pokémon would look like if it took place in a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

This week’s glistener question: Who would Luke Skywalker’s pokémon partner be? (We already recorded next week’s episode….but you should still share your responses with us because we like seeing them!)

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Hosted by MegDannySaf, and Heath.