Through weekly listener questions, a string of inside jokes too long to list, and a vibrant social media community, Rogue Podron has built a community of long-time Legends fans and newcomers alike.

Rogue Podron began as a weekly podcast that traveled through the Star Wars: X-Wing novels by Michael Stackpole and Aaron Allston. The podcast acts as a book-club companion, allowing listeners to read several chapters of the famous Legends novels each week before listening to the hosts discuss the same chapters on the show.

In addition to the X-Wing novels, listeners also joined Rogue Podron on journeys through other classic Legends novels such as The Courtship of Princess Leia, with a steadfast focus on having fun through reading.

After completing the X-Wing books, Rogue Podron is delving deeper into Star Wars lore, with each co-host leading raucous discussions on a topic of their choosing. From the biology of Thala-sirens to droid rights, from Constable Zuvio to Chief Chirpa the Ewok, Rogue Podron will continue to provide hilarious entertainment beyond the book series.

Rogue Podron was created by Meg Humphrey, regular host of Far Far Away Radio, and FFAR episode editor Danny Pirtle. They were joined by Saf Davidson and Heath Williams. In season 14, Ash Jefferson joined the Podron, making for a fantastic squadron of humorous, insightful, and dedicated pilots.

Rogue Podron is a proud member of the Not Saf For Work podcast network.