DuawH7GWwAA4Bp1-1“Always in motion, the future is.” Now read that again, but in Danny’s Yoda voice.

In the past three years, Rogue Podron has gone from an X-wing book club with a small, cult following to an international sensation (we don’t make the rules), having inspired a mountain fanfiction, a gallery of fanart, and the (largely misguided) belief that everyone from New Zealand can make hilarious horse sounds.

As the Podron finishes X-wing series and with our 100th episode looming and a recent invitation to present live on the podcast stage at Star Wars Celebration Chicago, it’s time to think about the future. The hosts and fans are in agreement about one thing: it is NOT time for the Podron to end.

In the new year, Rogue Podron will maintain the quirky cast of hosts, friendly banter, and off-color humor our listeners have grown to love, but with a new focus: each week, one of the four hosts will take on the responsibilities of “Rogue Leader,” by selecting one topic to be our main discussion topic for the episode. Topics for discussion could include:

  • A new Star Wars novel
  • An episode of a Star Wars TV series
  • A favorite Star Wars character
  • The latest behind-the-scenes drama in the world of Star Wars
  • A classic Star Wars comic or novel
  • A commentary of one of the films or an arc of television episodes
  • The latest Star Wars Lego set
  • A random article on Wookieepedia

With a new focus comes a new home. We’re so grateful for the little family we’ve carved out here at Far Far Away Radio. Thank you especially to Austin, our Pod Dad, for taking a chance on us and putting up with our craziness.

When Rogue Podron relaunches in 2019, we’ll be over on the Not Saf For Work network. You can get all of our new episodes by subscribing to either the Rogue Podron feed or the NSFW Podcasts feed.

Don’t worry, your favorite elements of Rogue Podron, including Meg’s introductions, the listener questions, and the awarding of Glistening Bodhis and Glistening Attack of the Clones Anakins,  aren’t going anywhere.

We’re so excited for the future of the show and the possibility of bringing even more listeners into our the Podron community.

Pash out.

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