We’re finally wrapping up the Alphabet Squadron trilogy and we thought the best way to get answers to our lingering questions was to go directly to the source, Alexander Freed himself! If he were a natural disaster, which would he be and why? Where did the idea for the therapist torture droid come from? And, perhaps most importantly, who gave him the right to break our hearts over and over like that?! All this and so much more on this episode of Rogue Podron!

Huge thanks to Alexander Freed for guesting on the podcast. Follow him on twitter (www.twitter.com/alexandermfreed) or visit his website (www.alexanderfreed.com) for updates on his latest writing projects.

This week’s glistener question: Send us your Kairos sketches! (We won’t “read them” on the pod, but they will make us smile.)

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Hosted by MegDannySafHeath, and Ash.

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